muay thai

We were then when Muay Thai was first introduced to Australia and we continue to set the standard for training principles, development and practice. Classes involve fitness drills, padwork, sparring drills and free sparring, all of which combine to create a well-rounded athlete. Whether you're looking for fitness or to fight, we can cater for you.

thai x train

45 minutes of furious, fun, fitness. No class is ever the same! We incorporate weights, cardio, HiiT, kickboxing and anything else Claire can come up with, to ensure you are never bored and always pushing towards new goals.

sparring class

The weekly sparring class is open to anyone who just wants a bit more fitness, through to those who are getting in the ring at one of the many amateur sparring shows held through out Perth. All levels welcome.

tetsuryu karate

TetsuRyu remains the most progressive martial art in Australia. Without compromising the values if discipline, integrity and honour, it combines the very best of Muay Thai, BJJ, Boxing, Weaponry and Self Defence skills to create an all round athlete who has the confidence and ability to defend themselves in any situation.

kids kickboxing

People forget that life is a team sport. Kids Kickboxing and Karate classes remind us that the values and skills that kids learn through sport are what they take with them as they grow into important members of our community. The classes teach them team-work, balance, coordination, respect, fitness and discipline - all in a fun environment!

Classes run every school term.


Learn how to use the Bo staff, Arnis canes, Sai Swords, Katana and Machete in this fun class. Learning to use weapons supports your martial arts training as it increases your understanding of range, your dexterity and challenges you mentally.

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